With a Mandarin London Concierge, our valued members can get access to a complete suite of services for all their property needs, whether for investment, stay or day to day management, across the United Kingdom and China.

Our team can help in sourcing premium properties across London, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and other premier real estate destinations in Europe and Asia. From off-market iconic estate listings to stunning upcoming residential or commercial projects in prime locations, members can rely on Mandarin London Concierge for the latest updates and exclusive insider tips to assist with their requirements for property acquisition, sale or transfer.

We take pride in completing all property requirements with speed, efficiency and discretion, delivering a hassle-free experience even for complex multi-national deals. Our team is on hand to assist with search, negotiations, legal and tenancy agreements, transfers, relocation, moving services and getting properties ready for occupation.

We also provide a full range of services to manage members properties including residences, commercial or rental investments and holiday homes. We work with an exclusive network of handpicked service providers to provide services for property maintenance, tenant management, security and professional staffing.

We can provide fully bespoke solutions designed to provide peace of mind and maximize returns on investment for all our members’ real estate and property assets.

  • Property Management services from London Mandarin Concierge include the following:
  • Property Search and Recommendations
  • Sourcing Private Residence, Commercial, Holiday properties
  • Property Listings
  • Off Market/Upcoming Property Tips
  • Buying, Renting and Selling Assistance
  • Transfer and Negotiation Assistance
  • Relocation, Moving and Occupation Assistance
  • Property Management Assistance
  • Security and Surveillance
  • In-house staff and upkeep
  • Tenant Management Assistance and much more.