Whatever the reason, from leisure, business, celebrating special occasions or simply, a desire for an epicurean experience, the Mandarin London Concierge team goes the extra step to transform fine dining into a memorable event. We have access to highly sought-after restaurants and iconic dining venues that serve the best gastronomic delights across Europe and Asia.

The Mandarin London Concierge team is on hand to recommend the best and latest options in fine dining, make VIP reservations and secure exclusive tables at Michelin starred restaurants and upmarket venues for all day dining or an evening out. We are also happy to fulfil custom requests such as themed dining and arranging special surprises such as gifts to complete the occasion.

Mandarin London Concierge Fine Dining services include the following:

  • Restaurant & Dining Recommendations
  • VIP Reservations at top starred restaurants
  • Private Dining/Home Dining
  • Bespoke Gourmet Menus from top chefs
  • Venue Booking
  • Themed Dining Events and much more.