All services offered by Mandarin London Concierge are exclusively designed with you – our members – in mind. Mandarin London Concierge service offerings are crafted to suit our members’ individual preferences and circumstances.

At Mandarin London Concierge, we fulfil our members’ local and international needs and requirements, for both, business and leisure. We have carefully created our range of services to bridge the gap between East and West, making it quicker, easier, and more enjoyable to conduct business, or appreciate leisure time, across Europe and Asia.

Mandarin London Concierge services go beyond our wide range of business and leisure offerings. We can also make arrangements connected with the purchase of high-end properties, home management, private schooling, auction bidding for high value jewelry, artworks and other private investments.

Mandarin London Concierge works with a network of select, hand-picked service providers, allowing us to offer our members an unparalleled and exclusive experience whether in the United Kingdom or China. Our professional team ensures every fine detail is carried out with diligence and meticulous attention.

These are some of the exclusive services that Mandarin London Concierge provides to our valued members.

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From detailed travel itineraries taking in iconic local landmarks, to access to the world’s most prestigious events, Mandarin London Concierge has the perfect solution for every member’s tastes and interests.

Our personal tour itineraries cover everything from business trips to Guangzhou, the world’s biggest trading show to touring iconic landmarks such as the Great Wall of China in the vibrant city of Beijing, historic and contemporary landmarks of London and almost everything that represents the rich history and vibrant culture of the United Kingdom and China.

We cover all aspects of tour planning from custom itineraries to travel, transfers and stays, sightseeing accompanied by multi-lingual guides, shopping and dining at the best local venues and hidden hotspots for the ultimate tour experience.

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At Mandarin London Concierge, we strive to blend novelty and efficiency, transforming holidays into unforgettable luxury journeys. We pride ourselves on our creativity and have delivered multiple outstanding bespoke itineraries.

From making first class travel arrangements, chartered private flights and chauffeured transfers to stays at premium accommodations at top ranked exclusive getaways, we deliver the ultimate experience in luxury travel.

Our services also cover a wide range of themed travel itineraries from family vacations to adventure holidays, honeymoons, weddings at exotic locations, private beach destinations and much more.

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Experience the best in fine dining across Europe and Asia with Mandarin London Concierge services. From recommending the best venues, reservations at exclusive restaurants, gourmet dining from top starred chefs, to sampling the best regional cuisines at hand-picked local venues, members can enjoy the best in culinary delights it all through our wide range of services.

We take care of the complete dining experience from planning, pick-up and exclusive seating for a private evening simply to unwind, to custom menus and catering for exclusive events.

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With Mandarin London Concierge services, our members get insider access to a wide range of high street brands and the latest in luxury items and services from fashion, lifestyle and rare collectibles. We go the extra distance to help members find any item they desire, whether for their personal need or gifting to loved ones.

Our luxury concierge services include personal shopper assistance, private stylists, expert consultations, private home viewing, completing purchases, to packaging and shipping anywhere in the world.

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Mandarin London Concierge provide expert services in sourcing premium properties suited to a wide variety of tastes and requirements, across London, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. From landmark estates to stunning high-end accommodation in prime locations, our team can organize every detail from property search, negotiations and relocation.
We also provide a full range of services to manage members properties and keep them in the best order, even when they are away. From round the clock security and surveillance, to daily maintenance, managing in-house staff and upkeep, we provide fully bespoke solutions designed to provide peace of mind and deliver the comforts of home at any property belonging to our members.

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